Italian Designer Jewelry

itaCreating masterpieces on jewelry is child’s play for the Italian designers who spend their valuable time in sketching the designs and then applying them on the metals. Gold is said to be the frequently used metal on which their creativity speaks the language of royalty. Right from the trendy jewelries to the traditional ones, it is an Italian designer who can best mold the metals. For the women of today jewelry indeed is a concept of something funky and fashionable with the least intrusion of the bells and charms that were used as the decorative. Gold, which was once regarded as the jewelry for the D-day occasions has now turned to be a regular wear. Fashion changes color with time and the tastes of women also roll along with it. With the attempt to feed the needs of this change in fashion, designers are also storming their brains. Fashion jewelry for this matter always has an edge over the traditional and the so-called outdated ones. Italian designers have already earned the praise for their creativity right from the beginning of history and now they are just trying to modify it by producing something unique for the multi-tasking women of today.

The height of experimentation with the metals and the jewelries is carrying the designers to such an extent that they are trying to produce something exquisite by molding steel and ceramic also. They have delivered almost a mentionable change in the function and usages of the unique material that hardly had any implication in jewelry making. Coral is also often used in making designer jewelry. In fact the marriages between the coral and ceramic jewelry created by the Italian designers can look awesome and trendy on any woman irrespective of her skin color. You can get to see the sample of such an interesting piece of work with Vivace jewelry which on purchase can be shipped to the address given free of cost. These modern designers can custom make the jewelry for your make over.

They also present some of the excellent collection on the rings and bracelets that can even look attractive on the men. Fashionable jewelry that the teenagers and the office goers love to put on is mostly light and cheaper. The risk that they try to avoid while in precious jewelry items can easily be avoided when they are wearing cheap fashionable jewelry designed by the Italian designers. These designers are trying their best to show their craftsmanship through the magic effects that they can produce with the help of ceramic, coral along with other imitation metals. Color is a primary factor when ceramic jewelry is concerned. These jewelries have to be painted according to the need of the stylish women of today. Pearl can also be an excellent element to be used up as pendant. The creative brain of the designer decides the style in which it has to be inserted. The designers can use ceramic to create excellent pieces of necklace, bracelets and earrings. There is a lot of scope to experiment with the earrings as they are small and can be shaped in any way you feel like.

The best part of the Italian jewelry is that the designers posses the capacity to make any dull metal graceful, with their touch. This group of Midas is innovative in whatever metal or material they work on. Sterling silver can add a new meaning so that it can tell the untold story. Silver existed long back but moving with time is a wise decision and jewelry is just a part of such movement. Colored ornamental earrings are effective when they are hand glazed. The working women of today love to put on only that particular type of jewelry that can glorify them and make them look awesome. The Italian jewelries are also unparallel when it comes to designing of costume jewelry and vintage jewelry. It is only a sketch that produces the ultimate magic shining on the curves of women’s body. Wedding ceremonies are absolutely incomplete without the junk fusion collections with the glittering stones of increasing denominations studded on them in ascending order. Amethyst glass crystal beads are heavy and produce an elegant look when they are put on with orange or saffron apparels. They present a sense of holiness, which gets reflected on the face of the woman wearing it. The Italian Designers are also expert in creating designs on brooches.

These were used long before but with the change in style their uses have diminished and hence, the designers are trying to recreate them by giving some different forms, shapes and sizes to them. Gold items in 14 to 22 carats are light. They are simply just capable of attracting any women. They look ethnic and have the fragrance of elegance. The Italian designers have also experienced art while playing with the white gold, which is precious and unique in itself with the touch of elegance. Crystals are auspicious for they reflect the light that falls on them and also makes you glow. It is the Italian jewelry designers who can make fruitful use of the crystals.

They can use it simply by hanging beautiful crystals with the prominent edges from a chocker or can gather various colors of it to create a multi-colored crystal necklace. Leather is modified with cutter convenience to make the bracelets for the teenage boys and girls. In fact, bracelets more like the bangles can produce an exclusiveness that is desired by everyone. Body piercing jewelry can also have a major outlet in the form of the nose rings, naval rings and eyebrow rings. Though they are not of much artistic value yet to make them unique some amount of design definitely has to be inserted. Fashionable jewelries that are used in matching with the apparels are mostly made up of cheap metals, which the working women prefer the most. So, most of the Italian designer jewelries for regular use are being created on these types of imitation or easily available materials.

Fashion Jewelry To Match Your Moods

Is it like you always keep wondering to wear the perfect jewelry that goes with your dress, I may guide you what to wear with your favorite dresses.

Casual kind people should spice up their looks with light gemstone jewelry or custom gemstone beaded jewelry that is available at the most affordable rates in the market. Have a collection of this exquisite gemstone jewelry in different colors and designs in your wardrobe and you can wear these with your day-to-day clothes. You can add sparkle in your looks by adoring cool diamond studded earrings or diamond hoops that can be worn on all occasions or daily with every dress you prefer to wear.

People preferring to wear tiptop dresses should go for discount diamond jewelry or handcrafted cheap pearl jewelry. A spectacular shine of a diamond can work wonders for you to look stunningly beautiful. Diamonds-the most precious and most expensive are available in different varieties and shapes too. Take a pick from your nearest or online jewelry store where you can find wholesale discount diamond jewelry to match your costumes perfectly.

If you are want to look good in a shimmering silver jewelry then you should go for trendy wholesale fashion sterling silver jewelry. Jewelry to go with all dresses, silver jewelry is the favorite choice from the ancient times. You can find the best silver jewelry sets at the most reasonable rates in the market.

In evening functions and parties you must wear some eye-catching jewelry that glorifies your beauty in all ways. Always try to adore titanium amethyst jewelry, glittering gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, antique silver jewelry, black or white diamond jewelry or sparkling gemstones to relish your inner self-esteem wearing these outstanding designs.

Give your looks a boost of the day by complimenting your dress with the perfect wholesale jewelry and carry yourself lavishly in a cool and contended attitude

Mens Titanium Rings as a fashion trend

Many people, including myself, heard of Titanium for the first time when either a military aircraft or a human joint substitution was mentioned. It seems like jewelers are just running out of new ideas for making new lines of jewelry. Yet, titanium jewelry is one of the fastest growing jewelry industries nowadays and there are actually plenty of justifications to the popularity.

Most people misunderstand that Titanium (the element Ti on chemistry periodic table) is a strong metal. In fact, the metal alone is not hard enough for most of the purposes it serves today; it is the alloys that produced from it that offer the superb strength and resistance to heat. Also, Titanium is not considered as previous metal like silver, gold or platinum.

So what makes Titanium so attractive? The most obvious reasons are the superior tensile strength and hardness. A particular grade of Titanium, 6.6.2, composes of a particular mixture of aluminum, vanadium and tin is used in many industrial applications such as aerospace. Therefore, the jewelry made of such (aircraft grade) Titanium like wedding band rings have no problem of being used every day. In addition, the fact that Titanium wedding rings are much harder and more durable than gold and silver makes it a perfect candidate for symbolizing the eternity of love in a marriage.

Besides traditional uses in wedding, Titanium also possesses various properties that allow it to become popular in the fashion jewelry industry. For example, tension set diamond rings in the form of an open circle with a diamond mounted in the openings is one of the most sought after designs that not many metals can be used in. Also, Titanium reacts with different chemicals in electrolytic solutions and turns into different colors such as green and blue, a process called anodization. This makes Titanium Rings much more versatile when it comes to fashion. Finally, Titanium can also be combined with traditional metals like gold and silver in the form of inlay. Men’s titanium rings with gold or silver inlay are created by bombarding the ring in a vacuum environment with a gold or silver atom beam in an angle that the metals adhere to the ring evenly.

After all, jewelry is a way of express oneself. Men’s titanium rings rings are for men who would like to stay ahead of the fashion trend and value the subtle inspiration from the effect of technological advances on every aspect of our lives and culture.

Zoppini Charms Bracelets Are Charming

The new charm bracelets have arrived! The old style of charm bracelets went out quite some time ago, but it seems that America has revived the charm bracelet, not by creating a new style, but by picking up on a great style of charm bracelet that comes from Italy. They’re called Zoppini Charms, and you’ve probably seen one of these bracelets without knowing what it was. These charms are not the old kind of dangle charms that all dangle off of a silver bracelet; these charms make up the bracelet itself.

How it works is that you get a starter bracelet, to which you add charms. In principle, it sounds just like that charm bracelet you had as a child, but the look of Zoppini charms is totally different from the look of the charm bracelets of our youth. Zoppini charms are each rectangular charms that band together and go all away around the wrist. The end result is in a bold, chunky, geometrical bracelet instead of a floppy, klinking bracelet like the traditional charm bracelet.

Zoppini charms are all the rage in America, in addition to being popular in Italy and across Europe. There are, therefore, a large number of websites from which you can order the charms if you are interested in creating your own Zoppini Charm Bracelet. It is also an excellent idea for a gift for a child. Although the charms that you add to the bracelet follow the same idea as charms to a regular charm bracelet, Zoppini charms are less iconic than the old style of charms were. It wasn’t always evident that that little silver charm was a dog and not a wolf, but then, it didn’t really matter if people could tell exactly what charms you had on your bracelet.

Zoppini charms are generally pictorial, so a heart charm is very noticeably a heart because it is red and it is a two-dimensional picture of a heart instead of a three-dimensional silver blob of a heart. In general, Zoppini charms are much easier to figure out what each charm depicts.

Now, in the internet age, you can even upload a picture of your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your dog or your cat, onto a website that makes Zoppini charms and you will get a custom charm in the mail with the picture you uploaded blazoned across the front. In this way, Zoppini Charm Bracelets are much more personalized than the traditional charm bracelet ever was. On the other hand, you can simply choose charm links that are a smooth gemstone rectangle. This results in a very beautiful bracelet that nobody would know you have fashioned yourself, but you’ll never come across someone with an exact duplicate of it because it is truly your own creation.

How To Choose The Best Quality Diamond For Your Wedding Ring

This is the age old saying and the slogan for many popular diamond makers, “Diamonds are forever”. Maybe so, but is every diamond created equal to each other? Absolutely not! When it comes time to shop for a diamond engagement ring you should be looking for four specific characteristics. Combined these characteristics will help you in determining the overall quality of the diamonds. Which means you will have the ability to base your decision on quality than the look of the diamond.

First thing you should be looking for is the diamond’s color. We may think of diamonds as white, but they do pick up different color tones, when formed, when carbon mixes with other elements such as boron or nitrogen. Because of this some diamonds will have a blue or yellow tint upon them. If you are lucky enough to find a diamond that is colorless, you should be prepared to pay big money for it.

The second thing you should be looking for is the weight in karats. The karat will not only tell you the weight of the diamond, but also how big it is. To determine this you should know what karat means. A one karat diamond weights 1/142 of an ounce or 1/5 of a gram.

Next, be looking for the diamond cut. This is in relation to the finish, symmetry, and proportion of the diamond, or the polish. The cut of the diamond will tell you just how much light it will reflect. The more sparkle and light it catches the better the cut.

Finally, you should be looking for the diamond clarity. This means you should know what flaws the diamond does or does not have. If there are any instances of blemishes on the outer area of the diamond or if the interior has spots that are colored, white, or black or any cracks within it, the diamond lacks clarity. The blemishes generally occur during the process of polishing and cutting. In some instances, filing and laser treatments can fix these flaws, which will increase the clarity of the diamond.

So, there you have it, the four characteristics you should be looking for in a diamond. The better the diamond quality the more expensive it will be. Make sure you do your homework and research to find a reputable jeweler that will give you only the best quality diamond for the price. It is important to remember that quality and beautiful diamonds do not have to be extremely expensive, but the better the diamond the higher the price.

Gold Wedding Band Marks and Hallmarks

The earlier Samuel Hennell is S.H plus you would have to look at ALL the Hallmarks together and check their overall shape to get an accurate date.

There is NO 22ct gold rings which should be scrapped unless extremely thin or worn. The ‘f’ or foreign mark is a modern mark and shouldn’t be confused with the full UK Hallmark.

You can get a complimentary eCourse on Hallmarks from the Jewelry Antiques of the 20th Century website, which will go through some of these aspects for you.

The first mark (KLd) is usually the Makers or Manufacturers mark. Sometimes it could be the Store Mark (like SH) for Samuel Hill Jewelers… This doesn’t make any difference to the Hallmark so you can generally ignore it.

The next mark was an ‘F’ which is the Date letter (I’ll get back to that one).

The next is a Crown, which is the ‘Quality’ Mark which was introduced for 18ct and 22ct gold in 1798 and has been used ever since. The 22 indicates the gold quality being 22 carat gold.

The last mark is a shield so I am going to assume that it was assayed in Chester UK. However each Shield is slightly different.

Now one of the MOST IMPORTANT stamps is the SHAPE of the Hallmark (which you didn’t mention). Sometimes they can be oval or square. Many times with the corners cut off. These help with the Date letter ‘F’ above – see I said I’d get back to it ;o)

MOST date letters come in batches of 20 and they change every 20 odd years (one letter per year). In order to identify them they can sometimes be un Uppercase – othertimes in lower case. This is where the SHAPE comes in too. This is also why I needed to know how old your Aunt was when she died. Most women didn’t get married until say 20. This will help you in narrowing down the date RANGE (ie: That Batch of 20 letters).

May I suggest you go to the Antique Jewelry of the 20th Century website, where you will find a complimentary Hallmarking Course. The link is near the top right. You will learn from very easy emails how to understand UK Hallmarks. This will finally narrow down your search to around the 1950′s – Hint: 1956 Date letter is an ‘F’.

Body Jewelry And Body Piercing

Throughout time, man has fashioned stone, metal, bone and wood into some of the most fascinating pieces of body jewelry. This act has taken new shapes and forms with some of the examples we encounter on an everyday basis, especially within the younger generation of today. Typically, the four main kinds of body piercing within the United States: ear, tongue, nipple and belly button.

One of the most popular forms of body jewelry display is seen through the piercing of the ears. This is also the most widely accepted form within today’s society. It is a practice that is viewed in both the male and female gender, from the elderly to infants. Most times, one or two holes are the standard in ear piercing, making way for a wide range of birthstones, hoops, and stud earrings.

Tongue piercing is rather popular today, especially in the college and music crowd. This is a form of body jewelry that is popular with both men and women, who often boast of not only the appearance of the piercing, but of its purported sexual possibilities. Jewelry, such as studs, hoops and bars are often placed within the tongue.

Although the piercing of the belly button is most common in females, it is not uncommon to find a man or two showing off their washboard stomach with a stud. Some of the body jewelry most popular with this form of piercing is hoops, studs, jeweled decorations, as well as dangling symbols like silver or gold trinkets.

Nipple piercing may sound a bit extreme to some, but it is also a popular form of expression, as well as physical stimulation. Often, a basic loop is involved with this form of piercing, but there are additional approaches to this body art option, such as bars and other decorations. Both men and women partake in this piercing choice.

When choosing to pierce any part of your body, even your ears, it is strongly recommended to take safely precautions wherever you decide to have it done. There are a handful of places that will pierce various parts of your body. The most common place to get your ears pierced is in the mall or within a jewelry store. This is as far as they will go in the body piercing department. To get body parts, such as the nipple or tongue pierced, you will have to seek out a reputable tattoo parlor to have this done.

Body piercing demands a high level of sterilization when having the process done. The act should be completed with someone who has a lot of experience, as well as professional credentials. You don’t want just anyone with a sharp needle to do work on your body. The equipment should also be disposable, as well as sterilized. Many people turn to a friend for their first body piercing, but keep in mind that you run the serious risk of developing an infection. Also, be aware that if you do not keep your piercing holes open, they will close and the process will have to be done all over again.

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