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18Accessory is the thing that adds an element of style in the entire get up. Your attire, and the accessory reflects your choice, lifestyle and any person can get the idea about you. So whatever you wear must draw the attention of the surrounding people towards you. You can follow the latest trends when it comes to selecting the jewelry, but that will not reflect your own style. If you have an idea of you own, and you want to expose them through the choice of your accessory, then Jewellery designing services is the one for you.

Choosing The Service

When you are planning to have the accessory just like you want, you tend to find it in the market. And if you do not get it in there, then looking for the services, which will deliver the custom design, will be appropriate for you. There are various services available in your locality, and before selecting one, you have to go through the website, and see what

Various types of costumes jewellery in Newcastle

17Jewellery is an important part in the lifestyle of 21st century people. With the evolution of culture and fashion, the style and design of the jewellery have also developed and modified. They have become much lighter and artistic and the use of materials has also changed a lot.

The birth of the costume jewellery happened with the requirement and the inevitability of some ornaments which are easy to put on and are much comfortable than the fine jewelleries and can be worn for the whole day long. Moreover, the fine jewelleries made of silver, gold or platinum, may not suit everyone. They are expensive too and who doesn’t want to wear something funky but cheaper? The costume jewelleries have satisfied all these demands.

The term ‘costume’ comes from what we call outfit. As the time passed, people demanded of ornaments that can be worn with any kind of attire. This required something cheaper and gradually the metal jewelleries become inferior. Today, most of the people match costume ornaments with the dresses

Define Your Personality with the Perfect Jewellery

16A sense of style is the sign of an interesting and beautiful personality. Whatever people perceive about you in the first glance is based on the visual appeal of your look. Developing a look that is created around your sensibilities is essential to bring out your persona and define your unique fashion sense. Along with the perfect outfit, accessories and jewellery are the main ingredients for the perfect style statement.

The right piece of jewellery will adorn your body with grace and add charm to your look. At the pinch & fold online store you will find a wide range of exquisite designs and materials to help you choose the perfect ornament for any occasion. From eye catching rings to trendy piercings, our online store has the best listings for body jewellery NZ has to offer. Made from a variety of materials and crafted to perfections, we offer premium quality products at affordable prices.

A ring to express your feelings for that special someone, a trendy necklace to add grace to your neckline or a

Tips for Career in Jewellery Designing

15There is nothing more beautiful than the jewellery stands in the glittering jewellery shops that line the city. People are always wanting to buy more  and more jewellery and are not afraid to spend a lot of money if they get the latest designs or the best quality. Whenever one walks into one such shop, they all admire the wonderful designs put on display, but how does that piece makes its way to that stand. The art of making or creating jewellery is not a new profession. Jewellery makers or gold smiths and more have been in existence for long. But in the recent years, a career in jewellery designing has really taken off.

If one wants to enter into this industry, then one will require appropriate training, a creative mind and the most important of all, an eye for detail. For the training part there are many courses and institutes available that provide thorough education in this field. This is one profession where cannot just walk into without any training or

Should You Buy Wholesale Silver Jewelry Online ?

14The beauty and charm of silver is timeless. Apart from pure silver, today, the market is flooded with sterling silver jewellery too. Sterling silver jewellery, with a hallmark of 925 that indicates the presence of 92.5% silver combined with other metals, is becoming a coveted option for many.

For instance, if you are planning to buy raw silver or silver plates, then you can make your purchase based on the weight of silver.

However, this is not applicable if you would like to select from a catalogue of high-end silver wholesale jewelry with proper settings and finishing. Obviously, designer silver jewellery sets are priced higher than their weight in grams because of the artistry involved.
So, if you are desirous of purchasing the silver jewelry of your choice from an online store, then here’s what you should know too.

Planning to Purchase Retail or Wholesale Silver Jewelry Online?

There are many advantages of buying wholesale silver jewelry online. You will be able to compare multiple products at one go

Fashionable Jewelry Basics

13Fashion jewelry is something that every woman would love to wear. But what exactly is fashion jewelry? What all jewelries does it include? To have greater information about fashion jewelries, look at the article below.

Fashion jewelry literary includes that kind of jewelry which is made of inexpensive materials rather than silver, gold or diamond. This fashion jewelry is known by various names like fake jewelry, costume jewelry, imitation or junk jewelry and is made in flashy, gaudy, trendy and stylish designs. This fashion jewelry is one of the most popular jewelries that are available in the markets. Mostly girls and ladies wear these fashion jewelries at weddings, social events, parties and even for regular use.

For women, fashion jewelry can be a super way to dress up without investing too much money. With the increasing demand and popularity of fashion jewelries, these items are likely to have a very bright future. In place of expensive and precious stones, inexpensive materials like plastic, wood, glass, resin, brass, aluminum, copper,

Fashion Accessories Will Always Be In Demand

12Fashion accessories include all those items that accentuate the personal look and style of a person. Today, fashion accessories are available in all kinds of materials and designs. Women never get tired of buying more and more accessories. Hence, they have a great demand. Read on to find out more about fashion accessories and where to get them from.

Women go to great lengths to accentuate their looks and can spend a good deal of money doing so. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many companies involved in cosmetics, garments and accessories. Women are often more conscious of fashion trends and therefore keep updated of the latest trends. Fashion accessories are one of those knick knacks that women absolutely love to flaunt. The reason is they enhance your overall appeal or can even give a new touch of style to even a bland looking dress. Fashion accessories may include everything from earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings and charms and so on.

What is

Quick Insights Related to Flaunting Fashion Accessories like Ear Stretchers

11Looking fashionable and trendy is something that every individual looks forward to. As a result, fashion accessories like Ear Stretchers, Belly Bars, Nipple Bars, and other related items are gaining huge demand. You might have spotted some characters in movies as well as in real life that have stretched ears, tattoos, and body piercings. It is considered as the latest trend and many people residing in the western parts have developed a huge interest in this body art.

Ear stretching is puncturing and broadening one’s ear lobes up to certain level and adding a detailed carved jewelry like plugs, tapers, and tunnels. Gauged ears look appealing and add tribal flavour over the appearances of an individual. Deciding to get your body parts pierced should be done with extreme precaution or else it would not end up as you expect. There are certain Dos and Don’ts that you should be aware of before being involved in any body art practice especially if you are a beginner.

Two major things to keep in mind before

Charm Bracelet Fashion Silver Jewellery And The Popular Style Trend

10Fashions jewellery wholesale chop and change so much that is trying to keep up with every trend, like charm bangle jewelry wholesale, so some people like to be leaders of the quantity and opening their own styles; this is great for them, yet not all of us can provide the time or money to experiment with what machinery and what doesn’t.

However, if you are one of these final people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands, then don’t disquiet as we can minimally clone our favourite stars in all the shape papers and magazines that are wholesale fashion jewelry.

One of the newest, most current trends is that of charm armlet silver jewellery and these great pieces of fashion jewelry have been seen on the full and the superb stars all around the globe.

A charm bangle is a wonderfully innovative part of silver jewellery that allows its wearer to accessorise it in a completely matchless make and change the charms on it from week to week, dependent on

Need To Be in Fashion? Silver Jewellery is the Answer

9There’s a new fad that has been circulating in city like riotous fire, it’s called the silver Jewellery.

Polymer earth is trendy earth where you can do almost something. One of the stuff that can be done with silver is the jewelry rings. The polymer dirt could be worn to make a lovely slice of necklaces. silver are so painless to use that you can even boat it on your own. It could also be worn for all types of art pieced objects such as timber boxes, picture frames, mirrors, beads, pendants, pins, gems, bracelets, shank pieces, rings, counter accessories, small sculptures and even buttons. It mainly has a never ending habit that is why many people are so fascinated to it. It is a non-poisonous modeling notes, man made and can work like stoneware dirt. It’s great for kids and adults use.
Nevertheless what you may surprise what Polymer dirt is? silver are not waters-based or even a mud-class dirt that potters generally use; it is tranquil of an oil based safe and

6 Popular Types of Female Earrings that Every Girl Wants to Buy

8So you want to buy fashion earrings online for girls, right? Do you know whether you should choose the earrings that are best match for a given face shape? Averagely, seven out of ten shoppers benefit from keeping face and earrings type basics when purchasing these dazzling items. Remember, there different styles of these accessories made of different materials. Shopping for a specific style of earrings is a great way to narrow the search field. You can find these items at online retailers.

Given are descriptions of some of the most common earring styles available at online stores.


Dangles earrings for girls are those items which hang below the earlobe. They are/may be composed of rounds, beads, curved, square pieces of metals or die-cut metal designs. You can find these earrings in both narrow and wide styles.  While purchasing, concentrate on the width of the items.


As the name suggests, teardrop earrings have the shape like a teardrop or dewdrop. They are usually made of silver, solid gold, gemstones. These accessories are designed in a way

An Overview on Growing Demand of Artificial Jewellery

7Do you want to buy jewellery? If so, you should go for artificial jewellery online shopping. Because, the prices for gold and diamond pieces in India and across the world are increasing day by day, driving consumers towards imitation jewellery. This is why the Indian jewellery industry is changing due to more people are now opting for inexpensive jewellery products.

In fact, there is a sharp increase in demand of imitation jewellery these days. If media reports are to go by, the market has grown around 80% when compared to the last few years. Higher income class and upper middle class are on the way to buy imitation jewellery online.

As a result, various sites deal with selling designer jewellery that is very common. The artificial items are available from cheap to expensive, depending on your budget.

Facts about artificial/imitation jewellery

Imitation or gold plated forming jewellery is designed with a very thin gold coating on copper base. They are legendry in the international market and are royal inspired by the old Indian

Top Trends in Fashion Jewelry – 2010

6With the economic revival picking momentum, women can now splurge in shopping for jewelry. Now, with jewelry, one must also think of the fashionable pieces of jewelry at prices within reach. It is now that the world (of women!!) is taking notice of fashion jewelry. The fashion jewelry range, which had been in the shadows for many years, has been in the limelight in the recent years.

 Artificial jewelry has an astounding range of colors, designs, and varieties in materials that go in to the making of unique pieces of jewelry. The trends this year lean more on the bigger and bolder styles, lot of color, and use of metals. Celebrities are launching their own fashion jewelry line looking at the fantastic potential through fabulous jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, bangles and earrings. Just recently Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Iman and Alicia Keys to name a few, launched their jewelry line.

 Big and Bold Necklaces

 This year necklaces that look bigger, are better!!

* Chunky, with many colors

Buy Women’s Jewellery Online To Add A Touch Of Fashion To The Personality

5The best way to get trendy appearance is to wear matching accessories like fashion jewellery, bags or nice scarf or stole with your western or Indian outfit such as beautifully embellished designer salwar suit. Fashion or costume jewelleries are worn in different parts of the body like Arms, waist, hair, armlets and feet. For instance, one can use the following ornaments to decorate hair. These embellishments are Hairpins, Fascinators, hair hanglets and head jewelleries for neck, one can wear Carcanets, Necklaces, Chokers, Torcs. The jewelleries which can be worn in arms are Armlets (baju band), Bracelets, Cuff links, Bangles. One can wear the accessories like Slave bracelets, Rings, Wedding rings in hands. Women can apply the accessories like Belly chains, Breastplates, Brooches, Chatelaines and Body piercing jewellery at the different parts of the body. For feet, you can wear Anklets, Toe rings, and barefoot sandals. These women accessories give very trendy appearance to the wearer. Fashion or costume jewellery actually adds a glimpse of charm to every woman’s wardrobe.

Top Notch Fashion & Jewellery Designing Courses in Delhi

4The fashion industry has been luring people over to it, since its very inception. Fashion on the very fundamental level, has always attracted people and made them either do their own thing or follow the latest trends. No one is actually immune from fashion and even the ones that do dismiss it as wasteful or not necessary do indulge in it from time to time. For some time fashion was nothing more than looking good, however over time, it has evolved into a trillion dollar industry. And it is no longer about just clothes, instead it has branched to almost everything that would enhance the natural beauty of someone.  From shoes, bags, jewellery, accessories and even makeup, where high end designers would start their exclusive makeup brands in relation to their signature style.

With as large of an industry as fashion is, it has also allowed many people a way to follow their passion and earn a living alongside it. India too has embraced this creative profession and it can be

Keeping up With Changing Jewellery Trends


The world in which we live today is run by looks and appearances. First impressions are often the last impressions and much is at stake if the impressions don’t last. Looking presentable at all times is not just an option but also an obligation. People often look up to their favorite celebrities in an attempt to copy or gain inspiration from their style. In such an environment, it is but natural that the popularity of jewellery is at an all-time high.

Jewellery not only helps in instantly creating a more appealing appearance but also makes a person look more refined and cultured. It would be a waste if this resource is not properly utilized. Utilizing jewellery to serve your purpose requires a sophisticated knowledge of the realm of jewellery trends, designs and the likes. In this article we shall discuss the various aspects of fashion jewellery that can be harnessed to our personal benefit and utilized for the purpose of making a smart and sophisticated fashion statement.

Discover the Most Recent Jewelry Trends

It is of prime importance to keep oneself updated with

Imitation Jewelry

2Indian women’s love for jewellery is eternal! No matter what occasion, surprising a woman with a set of perfect jewellery to her, you will be bestowed by all her love and happiness. Jewels beautify a woman’s attire. A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete, without her jewellery. Women love all kinds of jewels, bringing infinite range of jewels that Indian women must have to look even more traditional or stylish!
A woman can start By Being AWESOME HERSELF!
Imitation jewellery, junk jewellery, fake jewellery, is jewellery produce as to complement a particular fashionable costume as opposed to “real” jewellery which may be regarded as keepsakes, or investments.
Originally, Imitation jewellery is manufactured of inexpensive gemstones, such as rhinestones, silver, nickel or brass.
Modern Imitation jewellery incorporates a wide range of materials, simulated some semi-precious stones replacing precious stones. Lower-priced jewellery use gold plating over nickel or other metals.
Imitation jewellery has its own revolutionary history in which it was made.

Art Deco period (1920–1930s)
The Art Deco period combine the harshness of mass production with the acuteness of

Exclusive & Elegant Fashion Jewellery Shopping Online

1It is said that Diamonds are a woman’s best friend…Any guesses on the second best?? It’s got to be Jewellry!. Jewllery has always fascinated women across the world. It gives a sense of richness and uniqueness to the wearer and hence forms an intrinsic part of any ensemble.

Gods and Goddesses are always depicted wearing heavy jewelry which establishes that jewelry is directly associated with the stature and greatness of a person. Think of any celebration and you find ladies fishing for that best fit piece in their sea of jewelry collection which will make them stand out in the crowd and get compliments galore. In all, it is that piece of perfectly matching jewelry that completes your look and establishes your fashion sense in your circle.

Jewellery spells out the character & attitude of the woman wearing it. Exotic & chunky necklaces, bangles & earrings exude ones bold attitude while the elegant pendant sets with sparkling studs showcase the sophisticated & classy kind. Also, wearing the right kind

The Fashionable Return of Fine Jewellery

68236b0009a2e6cc854ca513547d4e31For those with the money to spend, fashion and fine jewellery were once keen bedfellows. Wallis Simpson’s chic ensembles were offset by bespoke pieces from Cartier, light and elegant in design yet heavy with exceptional gemstones. In the 1930s, the socialite Daisy Fellowes — for whom Elsa Schiaparelli created her famous shocking pink gown — commissioned extraordinary modern works from Van Cleef & Arpels, including fringed diamond and emerald bracelets that could be joined together as a necklace.

But over the years, fine jewellery lost its connection to the world of contemporary fashion. By the 1970s, suites of gold jewellery set with gemstones were considered un-modern, redolent of a more formal era in which evening engagements called for women to wear a classic parure. No longer in step with the modes of modern life or dress, fine jewellery became the preserve of dusty European nobility or ageing sex symbols, clinging onto their sapphires as their own lustre dimmed.

Since the 1990s, the film and television awards season has provided a stage for actresses to

What is and isn’t fine jewellery?

imagesThe distinction between fine and fashion jewellery remains one of the industry’s most compelling and polarising debates. But JEFF SALTON investigates if the debate is even worth having?

If BaselWorld is the largest and, some would argue, most important jewellery industry event, why does a mobile phone company exhibit?
It’s true, BaselWorld is predominantly a watch fair but more than half the exhibitors are jewellery suppliers, and most would be considered up-market, fine jewellery brands.
So why is Vertu, a mobile phone company, allowed to exhibit at BaselWorld, let alone have a major presence? The answer maybe in one word, “luxury”; Vertu is described as a manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile phones and it has exhibited since 2006, however, it best illustrates the blurring of traditional markets.

Defining Fine Jewellery

Even if a mobile phone is adorned with gemstones and crystals few people would consider it jewellery, let alone luxury or fine jewellery. Indeed, how do you define the term fine jewellery? It’s a compelling question and one that stimulated much discussion last year on a Facebook page representing the Young